1. My new muse. Many more to make. 


  2. 1996 Young Fletch (left).  Gold from day one. Charleston, SC.


  3. Off the Hook | The derailed individual I encountered a few weeks ago. 

    "I just need a pay-phone to call muh girl man."


  4. Thanks Liberator Magazine. Glad to be in the line up. http://www.liberatormagazine.com/magazine/


  5. Off The Hook



  7. plays: 613

    Curtis Mayfield - Don’t Worry There’s a Hell, And We’re All Going


  8. Untitled 2013 - graphite and conte


  9. Coke’d Up 2010

    Brand Loyalty at its finest. - F.W. 


  10. Coke’d Up 2010 

    Brand Loyalty at its finest. - F.W. 



  11. HYCIDE Magazine Launch


  12. plays: 171

    Common - Gold (Instrumental)


  13. Walk in the Flesh - Oil on Canvas 20 x 24

    I’m commissioned from time to time to produce works for people with all kinds of interests. This person happened to be a fan of Dali. Luckily I am too and enjoyed producing this piece which became a Christmas gift. 


  14. Behind Closed Lips 16 x 20 Oil on Canvas Early 2011


  15. My work in HYCIDE’s Art Issue - Available this month. I’ll keep you posted. 

    Painting “Employee of the Month" featured in the header image.